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Text field redesign

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Lead Product Designer


Summer 2021


Fall 2021


Product Thinking

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Interaction Design

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Design Systems


Design Systems



Overview of this project

I redesigned the Apple App Store Connect text field. The goal of this project was to provide a system solution that allows users to manually resize the text field. This redesign is also going to be used in the App Store Connect design system toolkit.

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This work is under an NDa

If you would like to see a case study or learn more about my experience on this project, please contact me for more information. 

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Challenges & learnings

Learning Design Systems

I familiarized myself with the design system and its many purposes. 

In doing so, I was able to learn the patterns utilized by Apple products and implement them into my own designs. This strengthened my understanding of design systems, their practicality and functionality. 

Designing for multiple-use cases

I learned the importance of anticipating and planning for multiple-use cases that have the potential to break my designs. I now have implemented this into my process: Which scenarios do I need to think about or consider when designing or providing solutions?

Product Design - Design Systems

We created a seamless and consistent experience for users when using the text fields throughout the App Store Connect product.  

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